Resilient Civilians in Hybrid and Population-Centric Warfare

Overview of the most recent articles and publications in the Resilient Civilians research project.

A student assigned to the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School conducts document digitization while attending the Special Operations Forces Site Exploitation Technical Exploitation Course (SOFSE TEC) on Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 22 October 2019. The SOFSE TEC enables operators to conduct specialized SOFSE activities designed to exploit sensitive-site materials (U.S. Army Photo by Staff Sergeant Keren-happuch Solano).

Expanding Multi-Domain Operations to Win Moral Competition

The Army should manage its capabilities for competition in the moral dimension with the same rigor ...
En grensejeger speider mot grensen mellom Russland og Norge. Foto: Frederik Ringnes / Forsvaret.

Sikkerhet i nord er Norges sikkerhet

Norsk sikkerhet krever en politikk i nord som adresserer bredt og inkluderer både dialog og infrastruktur ...

A warning system for hybrid threats – is it possible?


While many policymakers like to refer to ‘connecting the dots’ to derive accurate pictures of forthcoming events, this picture is highly inaccurate and…

Photo by the Camden County Police Department,

Is Freedom Just Another Word?


Whether freedom’s just another word depends on those who use or abuse it. It cannot be doled out to us; we must take…

Illustration by UNESCO

Coronavirus, invisible threats and preparing for resilience


The coronavirus pandemic is the security scenario we were least prepared for. While nation states are responsible for security, they depend highly upon…


A Country Worth Our Sacrifices


A common sense of service would make us better citizens, tempering our narcissist tendencies and helping us meet challenges we must inevitably face…

Screenshot of the Civil Affairs Issue Volume 6.

Integrating Civil Affairs


The Association of the United States Army’s Institute of Land Warfare has published the 2019-20 Civil Affairs Issue Papers on “Integrating Civil Affairs.”…


Populism’s Call to Citizenship


Current threats to democracy and the liberal world order from authoritarian populism are due to the failures in governance and civics that have…



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