UTSYN - Mandate

UTSYN – Centre for security and resilience was established in 2018 as an interdisciplinary response to an insufficient and polarised public discourse on security, defence and foreign affairs in Norway and beyond. UTSYN has since developed a particular niche for promoting sound debate and knowledge on how to improve security culture. By engaging with different sectors and geographical regions in society, we seek to enhance a more inclusive and shared security awareness. We are engaged in partnerships across sectors and geographical divides, between the South and the North, between local and central governments, between private and public sector, and between military and civilian environments. 

UTSYN is a knowledge producer with a specific focus on hybrid warfare and the implication of such in local and vulnerable communities in Norway and beyond.  

UTSYN promotes dissemination of knowledge on a range of perspectives, viewpoints, sectors, and geographical differences. 

UTSYN promotes pluralism in the dissemination and publication of key security policy issues.  

UTSYN promotes dialogue on security issues that impact communities in and outside Norway.  

UTSYN incorporate a broad range of perspectives from representatives of civil society, politics, the defence and security sector, as well as national and international research communities.  

UTSYN is a non-partisan and politically independent organisation, engaged in efforts to reduce divisions and polarization in Norway, particularly between the North and the South. Our approach is comprehensive and spans across different ideological stances.