Hedda Langemyr, Director of UTSYN – Center for Security and Resilience, has been selected to participate in the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program organized by the U.S. State Department.

Participants in the program are nominated and chosen by staff at U.S. embassies around the world. Each year, nearly 5000 international delegates take part in this exclusive program. Previous participants include over 500 current and former heads of state or government.

The program Hedda will be attending focuses on U.S. – European security relations. In the US, Hedda will delve into Arctic security, hybrid threats, warfare in the information domain, cybersecurity, and energy security. Alongside the rest of the European delegation, she will participate in a series of meetings with representatives from various sectors at different levels within the U.S. security cooperation.

“With war in Europe and significant changes in the European security landscape, the EU becoming a more relevant security actor and major powers maintaining a persistent focus on security in the Arctic, we will have much to discuss,” says Hedda.

The story has been mentioned in the Norwegian outlets Forsvarets Forum and Altinget.