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Amplifying: Influence Operations

These go to 11   Research points to hybrid threats and hybrid warfare targeting the private sector as the most likely form of future conflict in Europe, and that hybrid threats and, implicitly, influence operations, are already prevalent. This article intends to clarify the basics in influence operations and thereby present examples in how influence…

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On a mission with POMLT (Police operational monitoring liason team). The group are Norwegian and US soldiers, and Norwegian civilian police on patrol in Dowlatabad in Faryab province, Afghanistan

Learning painful lessons from Afghanistan

Conflicts, both in Afghanistan as well as at home, will continue to have both a complex civilian and military character. Understanding past, current and future civilian domains is more necessary than ever before. When the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) finally closed shop in Afghanistan in 2014, many participating nations professed a weariness with complex,…

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